Sylwetka absolwenta


Who will you be after completing studies in the specialty of Physiotherapy?

The graduate obtains education and occupational training – according to the requirements obligatory in health care – for work with the ill and disabled, primarily within the scope of using natural agents (physical) in prophylaxis and for therapeutic purposes.

The graduate possesses knowledge and skills indispensable for:

  • shaping, maintaining and restoring fitness and efficacy in people at various ages, lost or decreased due to various diseases or injuries;
  • impeccable performance of any physiotherapeutic procedures and adjustment of own actions to the superior rehabilitation goals within the functioning of rehabilitation teams, as well as control of effectiveness of the rehabilitation  process. 

The graduate is prepared for work in:

  • health care facilities;
  • centres for the disabled;
  • sports centres and school system – after completion of an educator’s specialty (according to the standards preparing for performance of the occupation of a teacher).

The graduate knows a foreign language at the level of proficiency B2, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages by the Council of Europe.