O instytucie

The Institute of Medical Sciences was appionted in the organizational structure of the Faculty of Health Sciences accorning to the Ordinance of  Rector of the University of Jan Kochanowski No. 47/2015 dated 22 June 2015.

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education gave the Faculty of Health Sciences on September 30, 2014, power to conduct long-cycle master studies of practical profile in  Medicine.

The Institute comprises:

  • Anatomy Unit
  • Phisiology, Patophisiology and Infectious Immunology
  • Surgery and Surgical Nursing Unit
  • Pathology Unit

Clinical Base of Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Clinical Base is the terms used by the UJK Medicine School to describe hospitals and general practices within the Region where medical students undertake the majority of their clinical training.

Those clinic and clinical departments with a very large experience and a wide range of medical services present a high growth potential. In recent years, there has been development of the Regional Hospital, the Świętokrzyskie Cardiology Center with Cardiac Surgery Clinic and Holy Cross Cancer Center. A new Regional Children’s Hospital was builed, with a modern clinical infrastructure. On the basis of these units the university clinics were established.

Hospitals’ web pages:

Regional Hospital

Świętokrzyskie Cardiology Center with Cardiac Surgery Clinic

Świętokrzyskie Oncology Center

Regional Children’s Hospital

Rafal Regional Speciaslistic Hospital in Czerwona Góra

Lucas Regional Speciaslistic Hospital in Końskie

Świętokrzyskie Psychiatry Center

Świętokrzyskie Centre for Maternal and Newborn. Specialistic Hospital in Kielce