O Instytucie


The Institute of Nursing and Obstetrics carries out 1st-degree and 2nd-degree studies in the specialty of nursing, and 1st– and 2nd-degree studies in obstetrics. Education at 1st-degree studies is completed with a licentiate diploma examination consisting of practical and theoretical parts. Education at 2nd-degree studies is completed with the defence of a dissertation for a Master’s Degree.

In the education of nurses and midwives a special emphasis is placed on practical training. The system of organization of practical training is improved every year from the aspect of the requirements of the standards of education. The goal of vocational training is the shaping of attitudes and improvement of professional qualifications of nurses and midwives in natural conditions.  

Scope of problems undertaken at the Institute:

Problems of epidemiology, diagnostics, and therapy in surgery and oncology
– Study of epidemiology of contracting acute pancreatitis
– Evaluation of incidence, course and distant consequences of acute pancreatitits.
– Clinical problems of gastrointestinal stromal tumour (GIST)
– Colorectal cancer – genetic conditioning of the disease, analysis of the frequency and type of microsatellite instability (MSI) in colorectal cancer
– Problems of methods and techniques in therapy of urinary bladder cancer, assessment of the value of minimally invasive surgical techniques in uro-oncology
– CRP in children with acute abdomen receiving conservative and surgical treatment

Problems of epidemiology, diagnostics and therapy in internal and infectious diseases
– Study of cardiovascular risk factors in the Polish population within the programme POLKARD
– Study of cardiovascular risk factors among the population of the Kielce Region
– Natural and therapeutically-modified course of HCV infection. Analysis based on retrospective and prospective studies of the population of the Kielce Region.
– Epidemiological and clinical problems of hepatitis C virus infection in the Kielce Region.
– Effect of arterial hypertension on sexual functions in males, according to age and concomitant diseases

Problems of care, functioning and quality of life among chronically ill and geriatric patients
– Studies of psychological adjustment to a cancerous disease, multi-aspect analysis of  adaptive agents: analysis of the level of anxiety, degree of acceptance of the disease, and the effect of support on adjustment and acceptance of the disease
– Evaluation of health-related quality of life with the use of standardized measurement instruments with respect to chronically ill patients (oncologically, surgically, dermatologically) and healthy individuals
– Functioning of the elderly in their place of residence
– Evaluation of the effectiveness of organized forms of care of the elderly
– Seeking alternative forms of care in ageing society
– Self-reported health problems of women after retirement
Problems of health, health education and prophylaxis
– Diagnostic examinations of children and adolescents in the school environment concerning the evaluation somatic development and health
– Health and social problems at the age of adolescence
– Health promotion and education in various habitats, mainly in school environment and occupational environment of medical staff
– Modification of educational actions within the scope of primary prophylaxis related with vaccinations against human papilloma virus, addressed to adolescents, parents, teachers and medical staff
– Conditioning and evaluation of nutritional behaviours

Problems of education and professional competences in medical professions
– Diagnosis of the environment of nurses in the area of needs for developing inter-cultural competences in work with culturally different patients and co-workers
– Transformation of nursing education in Poland and nursing care. Verification of assumptions of the system of education of nurses in Poland, in accordance with the recommendations by the European Union, with respect to care activities (after 10-year period of transformations in the education of nurses)
– Analysis of professional education of nurses and midwives within complementary bridging courses
– Effect of life orientation expressed by the sense of coherence on professional predispositions of paramedics

Problems of obstetrics, gynaecology and human reproduction
– Cervical cytology screening tests in women at reproductive age
– Complicated pregnancy
– Studies of etiopathogenesis of endometriosis, uterine prolapse in women – epidemiology, modern techniques of surgical treatment
– Endoscopy in gynaecology
– Diagnostic and therapeutic preferences of patients with suspected or diagnosed pathology of the cervix
– Relationship between the age of males and sperm parameters in standard evaluation in basic sperm examination
Problems of diagnostics and therapy in paediatrics
– Disorders of the GH axis and selected adipocytokines in children with type 1 diabetes, according to the method of treatment
– Effect of treatment with growth hormone on the level of selected adipocytokines in children at prepubertal age with growth hormone deficiency
– Effect of simple obesity on disorders of the function of the respiratory system in children
– Respiratory disorders in children with Prader-Willi syndrome