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Who will you be after completing studies in the specialty of Public Health?

Graduates of 2-nd degree studies in the speciality of Public health with the specialty Organization of Emergency Actions in civilisation and social hazards will be prepared for independent performance of the occupational role in accordance with general and professional ethics. They should possess advance knowledge within the scope of general, basic and major areas of study. This knowledge concerns both social and medical sciences.

The graduate of Master studies, apart from knowledge, possesses the following skills:

  • cooperating in an interdisciplinary team within the tasks performed for which he/she is prepared, and managing and coordinating emergency actions in an emergency team;
  • implementation emergency schemes based on clinical knowledge, also in a hardly available area;
  • undertaking diagnostic, prophylactic, nursing, therapeutic, and educational actions equivalent to patient’s needs;
  • using technically advanced equipment and devices used in emergency medicine and specialist medical emergency service;
  • evaluating risk while carrying out emergency action and undertaking actions aimed at the provision of safety to the emergency team;
  • initiating and supporting actions on behalf of health promotion and improvement of the level of healthiness of society and work safety;
  • planning, use and evaluation of the process of negotiating and communication;  
  • determination of needs and relationships, and conditioning of the functioning of centres and teams of crisis management, and acting within them with team solving of crisis problems.

The graduate of 2-nd degree studies is prepared for work in the units of the Ambulance Service, Specialist Emergency Service, Air Ambulance Service, Hospital Emergency Departments, National Fire Service and groups of Mountain and Water Voluntary Ambulances, in institutions with elevated risk of occurrence of accidents, as well as work as an instructor of emergency medicine.